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Natural Beauty Talent & Model Intl.


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Modeling Tips You Should Know


Here is a list of things to keep in mind while you prepare for your photo session:

* This is an important day! RELAX...Give yourself plenty of time in case of traffic.
* Come to the shoot with your hair ready for the first look. DO NOT get it cut just before your shoot in case it doesn't turn out right!
* Bring your make-up supplies for touch-ups.
*Fingernails should be clean and groomed and not too long. Polish should be a light color.

*WOMEN: All facial hair should be tweezed, waxed or shaven, and excess arm hair should be waxed.
*MEN: If you would like to start out with an unshaved look, bring your shaving supplies for your next look.
* Stay out of the sun and tanning salons!
* Get plenty of sleep the night before. Stay off the booze and other influential substances! It does show on your face. Eat a good meal prior to your shoot. Avoid fats and drink plenty of water.
* Try on all your clothes ahead of time. Make sure they fit well, are cleaned, pressed and have no missing buttons. Bring colors that look good on you. Black & White are great.
* WOMEN: Make sure your bras go with your tops. MEN: Bras not required!
* Something to help you with poses, glance through magazines for pose, expression, angle, mood, attitude, and energy.

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